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Your daily need for an enjoyable and dependable driving experience and reliable transportation means that purchasing a pre-owned vehicle is one of your most carefully made decisions. You look forward to years of trouble-free driving. You want assurance that possible future repair costs are going to be something you can handle.

When it comes right down to it, a mechanical protection plan is not designed for your car. It is designed for you and your family. The proper plan will help ensure that your investment in a vehicle will be protected. You won’t have to face the crisis of major breakdowns. Unexpected repairs can seriously increase your monthly expense. You won’t have to put off that vacation, tap into your savings, run up the high interest on your credit cards to keep your car performing for you and your family. It means that for a few extra dollars a month, you won’t have to suffer an unexpected crisis that will alter the lifestyle that you’ve worked so hard to attain.

If your vehicle runs “perfect” 99.9% of the time, you could still need coverage. Today’s vehicle has nearly 15,000 working parts. If your vehicle runs “perfect” and only 1/10th of 1% of those working parts fail, you will have 15 parts fail. Costs on those failed parts and components could run from pennies to thousands of dollars.

With today’s technologically advanced vehicles and the fact that repair cost are accelerating because of this complexity, it makes as much sense to be covered for repairs that are going to be needed as it does to be covered for physical damage on that same vehicle. An owner of today’s complex vehicle will use vehicle failure protection more than any other coverage in the next 5 years. Comprehensive and collision, Medical and Dental insurance will account for over 90% of money spent for various types of protection while less than 8% is spent on vehicle protection. Yet, if a need occurs for the use of any of these products, there is a 55% chance that it will be in the vehicle service contract area.

Your service contract can be included in the financing at the time of purchase. The financial institution wants to protect its investment as much as you do. Eliminate “problem obligations.” You have an obligation to make the payment on your new vehicle. This becomes a problem for both you and the lending institution if repair costs rob you of your ability to meet this obligation.

It maintains your level of confidence and satisfaction in your vehicle. It can aid in the proper operation of your car for years, giving you peace of mind.

It is a hedge against inflation as you pay for the protection at today’s rate and will be covered over the term of your contract without regard to inflation on both parts and labor over that term.

Whether a breakdown becomes a minor inconvenience or a major headache may depend on who pays for the problem. Without protection, the problems that can occur when a vehicle faces any type of mechanical breakdown can put your life on hold in a big way. They disrupt your life with unwanted things like time delays, inconvenience, repair costs, schedule interruptions, missed work, and unpaid regularly scheduled bills.

A buyer who purchases a protection product safeguards not only his/her buying power, but that of the entire family.